26th October 2016

Here at Monodraught, we believe that harnessing nature’s elements to cool, ventilate and light the built environment provides healthier, lower carbon buildings that are more comfortable places to reside.  Through our CSR policies we aim to deliver a strong ethical company performance to fully engage our staff, customers and suppliers and contribute in a positive manner to our local and wider community. 

Over the past few months we have been running a campaign over on our Twitter feed every Friday to provide some easy “hacks” that we can all carry out to reduce our impact on the environment.  We have put together a summary of our top 3 hacks and why we think they benefit the environment.

1. Save glass jars and use them instead of plastic containers
The trend towards using BPA free plastic bottles is pushing more people towards using glass containers to store food.  In addition to concerns around toxins from plastic leeching into our food which can be harmful to our health, particularly children or the elderly, using glass rather than plastic significantly reduces landfill. It also saves energy on plastic’s inefficient recycling process. If you break a glass container, you can recycle it without guilt:

  • Up to 80% of all recycled glass can be reclaimed.
  • Recycled glass uses 40% less energy than manufacturing new glass.
  • Recycling doesn’t compromise glass’ quality or structure and no toxins are produced in its recycling.

2. Compost so that you can use fewer plastic bags and produce your own good quality plant food
In some regions, local councils are now supporting the drive for a “greener” approach to reducing waste in order to alleviate pressure on landfill.  You can still create your own compost and see the benefits in the garden.  According to WRAP 6.7 million tonnes of wasted food goes to landfill in the UK every year, at a cost of over £8 billion.  Composting kitchen and garden waste is a great, free way of improving the soil in your garden.

3. Bring reusable bags to the shops and say “no” to plastic bags
The introduction of the 5p charge for plastic bags has seen a massive reduction in usage with 6bn fewer plastic bags handed out last year.  It seems that the charge is a good deterrent for us all. 

However, there is still a need to remind ourselves of the reasons behind the charge.  Campaigners argue that the bags blight streets, spoil the countryside, and damage wildlife, seas and coastline. The government hopes to create £60m savings in litter clean-up costs and £13m in carbon savings.

We would love to hear more great tips so if you have any to share or would like to see some of the tips we have shared so far, come and join the conversation on Twitter @MonodraughtLtd.

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