6th June 2017

British seasons can be quite surprising.  Sometimes it feels like the weather is switching from summer and heat waves one minute, to flash floods and driving rain the next.  In addition to growing evidence of climate change, a topic close to our hearts, there are some practical concerns when considering natural ventilation for your office, school or commercial property.

In the summer months, the benefits of natural ventilation can sometimes be taken for granted, with the relief of fresh air being brought into the building whilst stale air is dispelled as the hot air rises.  The room remains fresh and users feel alert.

The Monodraught WINDCATCHER X-Air system will continue to operate in the evenings or at weekends, when the building is unoccupied, providing all the benefits of “free air conditioning” and improving building performance.  The system is not dependent on windows or vents in the side of the building, allowing the property to remain fully secure.

During the winter months there can be a concern that there may be rain or snow ingress should the weather turn stormy or even that the ventilation system could cause heat loss.  In this situation property managers could have concerns around increasing heating costs to compensate. 

iNVent 2 Controls from Monodraught can monitor temperature and CO2 levels to ensure occupant loading requirements are met without over-ventilating an area.  Variable louvres can also be modulated to vary weather resistance or even be completely closed during rain or snow showers.  This allows Monodraught to confidently offer our No Leak Guarantee.

When it comes to our natural ventilation solution specifically, as the philanthropist John Ruskin said: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather”

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