21st June 2017

Monodraught are delighted to have been accredited by CIBSE to deliver 3 new CPD modules.  All of these free courses can contribute credits towards your CIBSE CPD commitment. 

We are able to help architects, consultants and contractors to improve, maintain and broaden their knowledge and skills by participating in the CIBSE Continuing Professional Development Programme. 

The three courses that have been accredited are outlined below:

Hybrid lighting, sustainability and wellbeing:  Evolution of lighting systems and the impact of hybrid systems on the built environment and energy costs in multiple sectors from healthcare through to education.

Natural cooling and ventilation for improved building sustainability and healthier occupants: Explore the use of phase-change materials in ventilation systems to reduce a building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint. PCM-based natural cooling and ventilation can be beneficial through reducing energy consumption while supplying ventilation air for a building. 

Ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools: Benefits of natural ventilation to achieve high indoor air quality in schools. Explain natural ventilation strategies and systems that reliably meet requirements for thermal comfort and energy efficiency.  Showcase building simulation tools like IES or BIM modules. 

To find out more about our full-range of courses you can visit our website or the CIBSE Directory.  Our Technical Consultants are on hand to answer any questions you may have and identify the correct topic for you.  After each presentation we will be able to continue the discussion with any specific queries around the Monodraught solution set and relevant case studies.

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