6th April 2020

Dear All,

With the unprecedented issues and concerns associated with COVID-19, we would like to share with you our contingency plans, which have been designed to minimise the risk of disruption to our full range of design, and installation services provided.

Although wishing to diminish the risk of disruption to business remains within our best interests, we also have an incomparable duty of care to protect both our employees and those we work alongside.

Across our business we have suspended all non-essential travel, meetings and visitors to our offices.

Any staff members that have displayed symptoms of the virus have been educated on the appropriate self-isolation measures, and their health, as well as their living companions, will be monitored and supported where possible.

Almost all office staff are now working remotely from home, and have been provided with the necessary IT infrastructure to enable them to continue their respective roles to support our clients. All staff members have access to email, and our office landline is available to transfer your call to those you require assistance from. We are also facilitating meetings and project workshops through video-conferencing packages such as Zoom, Skyke Business and Microsoft Teams.

Regarding our production, manufacturing and installation operations, these still remain largely unaffected. We are following PHE advice and have subsequently implemented new construction codes of practice with the welfare of our employees. We are also conforming to the guidance notes as provided by the UK Government. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-letter-to-the-construction-sector.  We have developed strict Health and Safety Risk Assessment control measures for our staff attending construction sites, to ensure both their safety but also the different trades they share the respective working environment with. We would be happy to share these enhanced control measures with those who pose an interest.  

Although our products are produced in the UK at our High Wycombe headquarters, we are dependent to a certain extent on component suppliers overseas. To date, we have avoided any impact on our supply by prioritising urgently needed components, including airfreighting components to avoid disruption.

We remain focused on delivering the highest standards of service and will keep you informed about any further developments. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please keep safe and best wishes to all,

The Monodraught Team  



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