27th June 2017

The benefits of introducing a better working environment for employees are becoming well known.   Introducing natural lighting and improving indoor air quality (IAQ) are often cited as key factors. Research has shown improvements in health, wellbeing and productivity when staff work in a more positive and comfortable working environment.

Our own solution set is very closely aligned to this approach and as such we welcome this move towards biophilia.  An article in the CIBSE journal in January stated that CIBSE is also preparing guidance on a more “human-centric” approach to design and the wider aspects of occupant wellbeing. 

Key findings from the Human Spaces report: The Global Impact of Biophilic Design (BD) in the Workplace :

  • Large numbers of employees reported having little or no contact with nature in their workplace – 47% report having no natural light and 58% report having no live plants.
  • Biophilia in the workplace has a positive impact on employees for well-being, productivity and creativity.
    • Those who work in environments with natural elements report a 15% higher level of well-being, a 6% higher level of productivity and a 15% higher level of creativity than those who work in environments devoid of nature.
  • Those who enter an office space which incorporates nature are more likely to feel happy and motivated for the day ahead.

Lighting and biophilia in the Monodraught offices:

Many small and medium sized businesses are leasing buildings that may have been built or put into operation long before these trends in office design.  As a medium sized company ourselves we thought it would be beneficial to look at the positive changes we have been able to bring in over the last 6-12 months.   We have recently been able to implement some improvements to our own office environment.

  1. LED lighting – LED lighting has been installed in the main 1st floor office as well as 10 Luxloop diffusers in the R&D department and a Sunpipe Luxloop.
  2. Our breakout area has been refreshed with our own version of a “green” wall plus new seating, sofas with lifestyle magazine subscriptions and targeted lighting for those wanting to read in their breaks. 

Staff have reacted positively “I love the new break area! It’s so much nicer than it used to be. I never went in the old one and now I like sitting in the chairs and switching my brain off for an hour”

We didn’t lose all the features of the old office, our living plants, succulents and fish (Victor, Mark, Serena and friends) have all found homes in the updated office area as well as 30 of our own Sunpipe® systems, a Cool-phase® Hybrid unit and several Windcatcher® Systems. The Sunpipe systems are installed in the downstairs breakout area and bring natural light into our employee’s rest space.

Monodraught solutions can bring natural/hybrid lighting, ventilation and cooling to your office.  These can create a more positive indoor environment which is beneficial for health and wellbeing.  Contact us today to find out more about how we might support your project.

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