16th September 2019

Monodraught will be installing the 5,000th of our latest generation Windcatcher systems in a local secondary school this autumn.

Students spend many of their formative years in school and around 70% of that time is spent indoors. A comfortable environment supports students to achieve their potential and obtain the best possible results. Using the correct ventilation solution enables good air quality to be maintained, using a low-energy system minimises the impact on school budgets.

Together with Buckinghamshire Mind, we aim to support 5,000 students through mental health awareness assemblies.

Monodraught are marking this landmark 5,000th installation by providing a grant to our charity partner Buckinghamshire Mind. The donation enables the charity to offer free mental health awareness assemblies in the Buckinghamshire region in the next few months. 

This donation cements our charity partnership and allows us to make a positive contribution to our local community. It is the second time we have been able to support this awareness initiative.

“A significant proportion of our natural ventilation systems are installed in schools, universities and colleges throughout the UK. We are pleased to have the opportunity to make a financial contribution to support this valuable mental health work taking place in schools in our home region.” 

Andrew McCubbin, Managing Director, Monodraught

Supporting mental health awareness in schools.

The objective of the assemblies is to help educate children and young people to enable them to open-up and talk about mental health in school, at home and with friends.

The assemblies cover important aspects of mental health including:

  • The importance of talking about emotions and feelings
  • Everyone has mental health
  • Mental and physical health are as important as each other
  • Mental health problems can affect how we think, feel and behave
  • Breaking down the stigma around mental health

To find out more about the free mental health awareness assemblies – contact Buckinghamshire Mind.


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