11th June 2019

Join us on the 20th June at the Crowne Plaza in Belfast where Monodraught will be presenting a CIBSE accredited CPD session on natural and hybrid ventilation with a specific focus on schools.  There will be a light lunch beforehand, plus an opportunity to talk to our Northern Ireland representatives from Fairhaven H&V Services.

The demand for places in schools continues to rise, which in turn puts pressure on planning departments to ensure that school buildings are adequately able to make these places available. 

Indoor Air Quality & Thermal Comfort

Students spend almost a third of their formative years in school and around 70% of that time is spent indoors.  This makes the classroom one of the most important indoor environments for children.

CO2 is an easily measurable indicator of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and a good indicator of whether adequate fresh air is being supplied to the space.

Thermal comfort is critical when looking at classroom design.  By using the correct ventilation solution, temperature and air quality can be maintained within regulation requirements. This limits the need to operate noisy, potentially distracting systems.  It can also mean that using a lower energy system can be deployed which would have a positive impact on the school budget.  A comfortable environment can also help students achieve their potential and the best possible results.

Natural, hybrid and mechanical ventilation

The CPD session will set the scene for some of the above challenges and go on to consider the different types of ventilation which are suitable for schools and their relative merits.  In many cases a combination of different approaches may be required for different spaces within the school, such as classrooms, IT suites and school halls or canteens.

Data powers system improvements

Monodraught offer remote monitoring for many of our systems, which enables end users to ensure that any ventilation systems are working effectively and also drives R&D improvements based on feedback and analysis that we carry out.  We will wrap up the CPD session with a case study of a school showing the data performance of a year of use versus the projected outcomes using CFD modelling.

The CPD will be delivered by Scott Paton, Regional Sales Manager.  Scott has a background in Architecture and Engineering. Since graduating, he has advanced his specialism within building physics and building simulation to assist with the development and design of low energy products, and modelling their characteristics with dynamic thermal modelling software.

Sign-up for our CPD session this June 20th at the Belfast Crowne Plaza. Register for your free place today.  Should you be based elsewhere but still be interested in having this CPD session delivered, then please visit our CPD pages on the website to arrange for your local Technical Consultant to deliver this training.

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