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Why Choose MVHR?

MVHR simultaneously recovers energy from warm or cool stale air via a membrane heat exchanger core to temper the incoming fresh air. In this way, the systems are able to significantly reduce power consumption and associated building running costs whilst expelling stale air and ensuring the correct indoor oxygen levels are maintained.


The heat exchanger is the core element and enables the exchange of both latent heat (humidity/moisture) and sensible heat (temperature). It is made of an ultra-thin membrane and constructed in a cross-flow format to maximise heat recovery. The construction prevents supply and exhaust air streams mixing and ensures only fresh outdoor air is introduced into the building. Combined with accurately controlled fans and dampers, a comfortable internal environment can be achieved with minimum energy consumption.

Monodraught MVHR can be installed in new buildings or retrofit applications, from small modular areas to large open plan rooms. The system can be suspended below a ceiling (a floor to ceiling height of 2.6 m or greater is recommended), within a false ceiling void, or to an exposed void. With CO2 monitoring as standard, each system accurately controls the level of fresh air to provide the ideal teaching ow working environment. A wide range of system sizes gives a range of options for many applications.


  • Education: The MVHR-100 meets the requirements of BB101 and Priority School Building Programme (PSBP).
  • Retail: Heat recovery provides a cost-effective ventilation approach for those retailers wishing to slash energy bills.
  • Offices: Ideal for clients requiring a fresh and comfortable indoor environment coupled with low energy and maintenance costs.

Our system is designed to automatically provide trickle ventilation, heat recovery ventilation and secure night time cooling. It also boosts levels of ventilation during summer or during periods of high CO2. The MVHR system can complement natural ventilation provided by manual or automatic windows/louvres, either via a single-sided or cross flow ventilation strategy.


Our system comprises an intelligent and fully automatic control system which switches between operational modes dependent on external/internal temperature conditions and indoor air quality (IAQ). The MVHR system can be installed in a range of exposed or concealed locations, such as direct façade or ducted applications.

Fresh air provided by MVHR


  • Is proven to give you more energy and better concentration
  • Improves your mental wellbeing
  • Is good for your blood pressure and heart rate
  • Strengthens your immune system and cleans your lungs


Poor indoor air quality is attributed to many building issues. Excess humidity causes dampness, rot and mould, whilst pollutants are known to be a major cause of damaging health issues such as asthma and eczema. Stale air is also believed to lead to a loss in productivity and low morale.

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