Natural Cooling
Cool-phase Hybrid

The innovative Cool-phase Hybrid is ideal for the most demanding applications. With free cooling, natural cooling and night-time ventilation modes, Cool-phase Hybrid greatly reduces the energy consumption, carbon footprint and running costs when compared to an equivalent conventional cooling system.

Cool-phase Hybrid can either work on its own or be combined with high efficiency heat pumps into an advanced low energy ventilation and cooling system working within tight tolerances. When fitted with a duct-mounted heat exchanger coil, Cool-phase Hybrid offers unrivalled thermal comfort and CO2 monitoring at low running costs. When connected to heat pumps, the specially designed heat exchanger coil provides top-up cooling. Additionally, the system can provide top-up heating if required to meet the room heating demand.  The heat exchanger coil provides an additional 3.6kW cooling capacity and 7.5kW heating capacity per system. By integrating complementary, low energy technologies, Cool-phase Hybrid provides added benefits in one enhanced product