• Implementation Architect: Frederick Gibberd Partnership
  • Services Engineer: hurleypalmerflatt
  • Contractor: Rydon Construction
  • Client: Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health

Over 40 WINDCATCHER® natural ventilation systems were specified on the project, with most sited in the ward corridors, the central hub and the Main building. The WINDCATCHER natural ventilation systems are designed to catch the wind from any direction using a series of external louvres linked to quadrants and internal turning vanes. The captured fresh air is brought down into the building via a damper system, which con­trols the rate of flow. At the same time, the warm internal air is expelled through the same route as a form of displacement ventila­tion. Among the advantages of the system is that it can be designed and sized to meet the exact ventilation needs of the spaces without relying on external elements, such as rooflights or opening vents, which in this case would have presented a security risk.

Products installed

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40 No. Windcatcher Classic Natural Ventilation Systems

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