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12 N° Monodraught HTM systems

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5 N° Monodraught Windcatcher X-Air 170 systems

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16 N° Monodraught Windcatcher X-Air 140 systems.

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JRF Chimney Specialists Ltd, Monodraught’s Scottish distribution partners, have recently installed their Natural Ventilation systems in the newly built Tayview Primary School in Dundee.

Monodraught designed the ventilation strategy around their Windcatcher X-Air unit with the latest seasonally controlled active louvre technology for all upper level classrooms, assembly hall and games hall.

The lower classroom areas utilized the Monodraught HTM Hybrid Thermal Mixing Ventilation units to achieve required ventilation rates and meet with architectural requirements on building design.

The contract was successfully carried out for Robertson Construction Ltd and the client Dundee City Council.

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