• Project: Eton College Boathouse
  • Sector: Leisure
  • M&E Consultant: TMI Mechanical Ltd
  • Contractors: WFC
  • Location: Dorney Lake, Windsor

Products installed

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4 No. Sola-Boost X-Air Natural Ventilation Systems

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iNVent Control Panels

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Monodraught were specified as a natural ventilation solution as part of the recent refurbishment of Eton College Boathouse function room. 4 N° Sola-Boost X-Air Systems were installed in the conference area and ensure that the area is kept cool even when the room is fully occupied. Low CO2 levels and good air quality are maintained to keep attendees feeling fresh and focused throughout the day. Natural ventilation is sustainable energy in action by harnessing wind power and the thermal rise of warm air in a controlled way.

Natural ventilation brings a steady supply of fresh air into the conference area, topping up the oxygen level, whilst at the same time expelling stale air to the atmosphere using the natural buoyancy of thermal forces. Fan noise, often associated with mechanical systems or air conditioning, is eliminated, to the benefit of conference attendees. 

SOLA-BOOST® X-Air is the latest generation of natural ventilation featuring our patented ActiveLouvre modulating aerofoil technology and DC Solar powered fan. Integrating with the WINDCATCHER® X-Air system, it provides additional ventilation on sunny days whilst maintaining zero running costs.

The iNVent 2 Control system utilises seasonally adjusted proportional control based on internal temperature and CO2. It has a configurable sensor, strategy and actuator mapping via USB as well as built in data logging which can be useful for Facility Managers to improve building performance.

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