• Client: East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
  • Architect: AD Architects
  • Contractor: T & E Neville

Products installed

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Sola-Boost Classic Natural Ventilation Systems

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Sunpipe Natural Lighting Systems

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This new extension to the present chemotherapy suite comprises of a ‘link-building’ which joins the existing waiting area and new treatment building, and a new larger treatment space. This treatment area accommodates chemotherapy treatment and clinical cancer trial areas.

The architects approach for the building was to design a bright and spacious environment which is intended to be both uplifting for both staff and patients and the therapeutic value of a link to the outside.

The Chemotherapy unit uses SOLA-BOOST solar assisted natural ventilation systems  to provide energy free and maintenance free ventilation to the office spaces, counselling and PICC rooms. SUNPIPE natural daylight systems were used to supplement the natural daylight, with the systems dropping through the first floor to provide natural daylight to deep plan and land locked areas on the ground floor.

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