• Sector: Export, Government
  • Contacts:
    • Monodraught distributor (India) : Signet EnerTech Pvt Ltd Karan Vyas, Director of Operations
    • End-customer: Indian Navy
  • Location: Naval Dockyard, Liongate, Mumbai

Products installed

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20 N° 450mm diameter SUNPIPE® systems

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Using natural daylight in sustainable buildings has been proven to create healthier indoor environments. 

The company works with a selection of export partners across the globe to deliver our zero carbon natural lighting solutions.   In India, our partner Signet EnerTech Pvt Ltd recently carried out a pilot project with the Indian navy in Mumbai.

No. 20 Sunpipe systems were installed in the corridors at the Naval Dockyard buildings as a proof of concept for the client.  It is now possible to light the corridors during the day without using any additional electric lighting.  The Senior Officer for Plant and Maintenance has fed back that they are very pleased with the Sunpipe systems.  It has been confirmed that they will be switching over to Sunpipe systems for other common areas.  Together with Signet, the client is working on two additional projects in new locations to install a total of 35 No Sunpipes of different sizes.

By using a natural light solution, the client is able to reduce its carbon footprint and realize efficiencies in energy usage. 

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