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17 No. Windcatcher X-Air Natural Ventilation Systems

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iNVent Control Panels

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Monodraught were pleased to be specified for a second time in the natural ventilation strategy for Paulton’s Family Theme Park entrance and café which went into operation in 2014. Monodraught provided 17 No. Windcatcher X-Air systems as part of a wider focus on operational costs and sustainability.  Monodraught’s solution met the needs of the customer with virtually no energy usage.  The product is UK designed and manufactured.  By installing a natural ventilation solution, Paulton’s Park were able to negate the need for mechanical ventilation by harnessing the natural environment for the full 12 months of the year in the entrance area and café.

This work builds upon the existing development work already completed at Paulton’s Park.  In 2011, we installed 7 No GRP Sola-boost Windcatcher Natural ventilation systems in the iconic Peppa Pig World grass-roof building & play-area. 

Both installations allow the attraction to minimise its impact on the environment by using virtually no energy to ventilate the buildings, benefitting both the local environment and reducing long-term running costs for the business.

The WINDCATCHER X-Air is a 2nd generation natural ventilation system featuring the patented ACTIVLOUVRE® modulating aerofoil louvre technology. The system consists of an external static louvre and internal active louvre arrangement, which varies the opening and free area through the louvre face.  In addition to the ACTIVLOUVRE arrangement, the system also incorporates external air catchment fins to provide greater area at the louvre improving performance in relation to wind speed. Pressure release vanes at the fins provide a means to reduce face pressure under high winds.

When coupled with Monodraught’s iNVent control system, the system is capable of providing temperature and CO2 demand controlled ventilation, by means of energy efficient motorised volume control dampers.

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