• Cornwall
  • Architect: Poynton Bradbury Wynter Cole


Products installed

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Windcatcher Classic Natural Ventilation Systems

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Sunpipe Natural Lighting Systems

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Cornwall’s BSF Pathfinder project opened a year ahead of any other projects in this funding group – the £20m scheme provides some 8500 square metres of new accommodation for 1150 pupils aged 11-18 and achieved a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating. The demand for outstanding environmental performance was achieved with an Architectural design approach with daylighting and natural ventilation and cooling prioritised.  A total of 42N° Monodraught Windcatchers, Sunpipes, and Monovents, were used throughout the Project, the largest units being some 3.3m x 2m on plan.  Some of the smaller units were used on a green roof design.

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