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15 No. Sunpipe Natural Lighting Systems

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As part of the TW6 development next to Tsuen Wan West MTR station in Hong Kong, 15 N° Sunpipe systems have been installed in fitness studios for dancing or yoga, providing natural light directly to the studios. 

In order to ensure optimum performance for the systems, the consultant WSP Asia Ltd, conducted a sunlight path design to identify which “spot” on the roof will be in sunlight all day and avoid sun shielding.  The units were installed in 2017 as part of the overall development which is due to complete in 2018.

Many of us are now spending up to 80% of our time indoors, whether that be for work, school or leisure.  There is evidence that limited natural light can have a negative impact on mental health & physical health.  For users of the fitness studios, having natural light delivered indoors provides a positive sense of health and wellbeing. 

By introducing natural light indoors, it is possible to reduce energy usage and therefore carbon emissions.  There is an additional positive impact on energy costs.  Previously the fitness studios may have required the lights to be on all day.  By installing Sunpipe systems, the number of hours the lights will have to be on at all will be significantly reduced.

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