• City: Whitchurch
  • County: Shropshire
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Building Type: Supermarket
  • Market Sector: Retail
  • Architects: Chetwood Architects
  • Installation Date: Completed December 2012

Products installed

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Sunpipe Natural Lighting Systems

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Located on a designated greenfield site Sainsbury’s opened their new 30,000 square foot store in Whitchurch, Shropshire in December 2012. In line with Sainsbury’s strict environmental policies the project specified SUNPIPE® natural daylight systems to provide daylight within the main shopping areas, customer café and staff facilities within the store.

For the main sales area, the specification called for 1200 Lux lighting level at one meter above the floor which was achieved by installing 90 x 1000mm diameter SUNPIPE®. A further 6 x 530mm diameter SUNPIPE® met the 500 Lux specification for the customer café. SUNPIPE® were also installed within corridors and in the staff areas.

The relatively small footprint for SUNPIPE® on the roof allowed the spare space to be used for PV panels and other plant items.

Key benefits

  • 1200 Lux level achieved
  • Daylight sensors provide integration with electrical lighting to optimise energy use
  • In-store metering confirms a 15% saving on the store’s lighting load
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Low U-Values & G-Values
  • Low maintenance, long life
  • Relatively small footprint compared to traditional roof-lights

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