This new-build Tesco Express store, opened in June 2008, was the first Tesco convenience store to be built in their Environmental Format.

Monodraught Windcatcher natural ventilation systems were specified by the Tesco Express design team to counter heat gains by introducing fresh air into the building and expelling stale warm air from the underside of the roof level of the building.

Four GRP 1000 Square Windcatchers were installed in the main sales area of the store and 350 mm Monodraught Suncatcher systems combining natural ventilation and Sunpipes, were fitted in the staff toilet facilities. In addition, three 300 Monodraught Sunpipes were installed in the staff room, store room and bakery preparation area.

Products installed

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Windcatcher Classic Natural Ventilation Systems

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Suncatcher Natural Lighting and Ventilation Systems

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