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  • Consultant: King Shaw Associates

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Sunpipe Natural Lighting Systems

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Windcatcher Classic Natural Ventilation Systems

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Trinity School in North Radstock and St Nicholas School in South Radstock are jointly known as the Renaissance Project.  They are part of a rationalization programme undertaken by Bath and North East Somerset Council and are bristling with new innovative and sustainable ideas.  Tim Goodwin, the Senior Partner of Architects, King Shaw Associates explained, “We take the view that a holistic approach to engineering design results in more complete and fully integrated solutions, which apply to an entire building.  We decided to replace many of the conventional skylights originally proposed by using  Monodraught Sunpipes because of the many advantages that these Sunpipe systems provide.  We considered that Windcatchers were an excellent way to ensure good natural air distribution and to meet the brief of providing a cost effective natural ventilation system within the building envelope budget.”

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