The Natural Ventilation, Daylight & Cooling Specialists

We design, manufacture, install and maintain natural ventilation, natural lighting and natural cooling systems to create low energy, low carbon and sustainable buildings for healthier and more productive occupants.

Over 40 Years’ Experience

Monodraught has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing low energy, low carbon, and sustainable solutions for over 40 years. Our company is focused around three product sets in which we are recognised as market leaders: natural and hybrid lighting, natural cooling and natural and hybrid ventilation

Our products can be found anywhere from a residential build looking to increase its natural light through to a high impact architectural building such as the Copperbox Arena (formerly the Olympics Handball stadium). A key sector for Monodraught is in Education where our products can deliver real dividends in terms of lower energy and carbon footprint and improved environments for students and teachers.

UK Manufacture

We are proud of our history of developing products from R&D right through to installation and maintenance all right here in the UK, where possible using suppliers local to our head office base in High Wycombe.  We strive to continually innovate, remaining focused on delivering highly engineered products that allow end-users to live and work in a more natural environment; whether that be through natural lighting, natural ventilation or natural cooling. 

Proud to be Monodraught

We have been recognised for our efforts with numerous awards such as Innovation award from Ashden, and building performance award from CIBSE for low energy cooling and ventilation. Recently we were also commended for our new hybrid lighting product at the Lux awards and won Best Business in Wycombe District and Company of the Year 2016 at the Buckinghamshire Business First awards.

We have a fantastic team of employees who are all committed to providing the best possible service and have the skills and experience to take your project from initial concept stage through to final commissioning. We are Investors in People accredited.


At Monodraught we believe that harnessing nature’s elements to cool, ventilate and light the built environment provides healthier, lower carbon buildings that are more comfortable places to reside. Our dynamic employees are our most important asset. Through their hard work and dedication to customer service they enable us to maintain our position as the UK’s number 1 in natural ventilation, cooling and lighting. 


We are and have been the innovators in our field consistently for over 40 years. Our objective is to provide architects, consultants, contractors and building owners with high quality, low maintenance solutions that can drive down building energy costs and reduce their carbon emissions.

Delivering the whole solution from research and development through to installation ensures that we are able to implement the latest innovations in a fully supported, quality guaranteed environment.

Research & Development

Monodraught has a long history of innovating and pioneering the launch of sustainable, low energy products for the built environment. We have partnered with many leading UK universities to research cutting edge technologies and we have an active Research & Development team based at our head office.

Nick Hopper, Technical Director, leads the Research & Development team. He has been responsible for many of Monodraught’s innovations. Having spent over twenty years in the energy-efficient technology business, Nick has great insight into the viability of innovative products. He is a named inventor on numerous low energy building product patents covering technologies for enhanced natural ventilation solutions, natural daylighting solutions and optimized phase change material systems.  

Our commitment to future generations

Monodraught has a commitment to supporting and encouraging new engineers to the industry to engross themselves in these new sustainable developments that may hold the key to so many of our dilemmas for our future energy usage.  As part of this commitment we continue relationships with leading UK universities including Brunel University and Coventry University where research is being supported into the development of enhanced products in the field of daylighting, low energy ventilation solutions and phase change material.

Phase Change Materials & Cool-phase

Research within Monodraught on ‘Phase-Change Material (PCM) Thermal Stores’ began ten years ago and has been supported by a number of institutes: University of Nottingham, The Carbon Trust and University College London. Through the comprehensive research conducted, Monodraught have pioneered the use of active PCM thermal stores and the role they can play in low energy thermal regulation for buildings across Europe.

Research & Development is an integral part of our business and continues to enable us to lead the way in engineering sustainable low-energy products that help our customers live and work in a healthier more natural environment.

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