IES VE-Pro – FlucsDL

The FlucsDL module enables the designer to determine the indoor daylight conditions in different rooms within a building model to ascertain the daylight factors and light levels experienced within a space. Monodraught have experimentally determined the design parameters associated with our Natural Lighting systems. Therefore, our Design Engineers have the ability to model physical representations of our systems and the subsequent daylight conditions achieved in the areas that they are intended to be installed within.

Radiance IES

The Radiance IES module enables our Design Engineers to analyse the daylight levels in a room that has Monodraught Natural Lighting systems installed within it. The programme provides the user with the capability to produce photo-realistic renders of the internal spaces, which can also be used to ascertain the exact light levels within a room. The module can also link with the thermal simulation modules of the VE-Pro suite, using daylight dimming profiles for lighting gains to enhance the thermal comfort for occupants.

LUX Plotter

The LUX plotter is a mathematical model developed for Monodraught by the University of Liverpool for determining the size and number of Monodraught SUNPIPE® Natural Lighting systems required to achieve a desired lux level in a given space.


This document provides guidance for modelling Monodraught’s SUNPIPE Natural Daylight systems in DIALux evo 7 Lighting Simulation software. The Monodraught .LDT components allow the user to model Monodraught 300, 450 and 530 systems at 4 different external illuminance levels within their projects. From here, users can determine the relevant lux levels within their building for different times of year during daylight hours.  Download the guide now.  

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