Natural Ventilation Design Consultancy

We offer a complete design service for our Natural Ventilation and Cooling systems. If the necessary information to compile a thermal model is made available, our Design Engineers will construct a complete dynamic thermal model of a building for a specific project in order to ascertain the size and number of systems required for a particular Natural Ventilation or Cooling strategy. This service is provided FREE OF CHARGE, and we issue detailed proposal documents that outline the input design parameters used for the model and the resultant compliance with the associated thermal comfort criterion for our proposed strategy.

Alternatively, our design engineers also have the ability to simulate our systems using IES models that have been provided by an external party. The advantage of this approach is that the client can pre-define the input parameters in their model, thus ensuring that our Design Engineers are using thermal and construction templates that accurately reflect the building fabric and its internal environment.

Dynamic Thermal Simulation

A dynamic thermal simulation encompasses all the design parameters that influence the way in which a building responds to the external environment. Users can create a model that replicates the exact physical form of a building, incorporating all aspects of the construction specification and the internal heat gains to simulate the anticipated internal conditions in accordance with industry recognised external weather data. We use Navensys and IES for our thermal building simulation.


The NAVENSYS thermal simulation software was developed by Monodraught to model Natural Ventilation strategies within buildings. The software has been built upon Monodraught’s forty years’ experience in manufacturing natural ventilation systems and 4 years of academic research by Brunel University.

The NAVENSYS program is a simplified dynamic thermal simulation engine, requiring fewer inputs than the likes of an IES or a Tas model. This means it is a useful tool for sizing Monodraught Natural Ventilation and low energy cooling and ventilation systems during the early stages of a project, when full details of a building are not always readily available. The NAVENSYS simulation software has been collaborated against performance data from the Tas thermal modelling software.


Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) are the global leaders in the field of building performance simulation and their package, the IES <Virtual Environment>, is widely recognised within the industry for its ability to enhance the sustainable building design process. VE-Pro is the most powerful suite of building performance analysis tools available, and it is therefore the primary design tool used by Monodraught’s Design Engineers. The ApacheSim thermal simulation engine, supported by the SunCast and MacroFlo modules, complies with the requirements of CIBSE Application

Manual AM11, and the software is recognised as one of the most accurate means of modelling Natural Ventilation strategies using bulk air flow simulation.

IES & Monodraught Performance Components

To help architects and consultants deliver low maintenance, energy efficient designs within the built environment, Monodraught have collaborated with IES to develop Performance Components – a revolutionary way of modelling Natural Ventilation and Natural Cooling systems using the Virtual Environment Suite.

The VE-Pro suite now features a library of predefined 3D component representations of our systems that can be dragged easily from a catalogue of products onto a building model constructed within the virtual environment. The performance and energy savings can then be assessed in an open and transparent process by the client alone, thus building confidence in the application of Natural Ventilation and Cooling systems and demonstrating the true capabilities and potential for this type of schemes.

The analysis tools that are available in the VE-Pro suite provide the user with a visual insight into the performance of WINDCATCHER and COOL-PHASE systems year round, and the authentic textures offer architects and designers a means of understanding the aesthetics of Monodraught systems and how best to integrate them into a building.

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