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Have you noticed a Monodraught control panel in your school, college or office and want to know more about what it can do?  Have a look round our website and learn about why your building may have installed a natural ventilation, cooling or lighting solution for a more sustainable building strategy. There are a variety of case studies to show you are in good company, from the Olympics Handball Arena to Cambridge University and many new school buildings.

Monodraught manage the whole product development cycle from design through to installation, maintenance and service. To find out more about the controls and how to use them, visit our technical resources pages or watch the videos on our YouTube channel.  If you would like to make use of our Maintenance & Service offering, you can contact the experienced Contracts team.

All of our product sets can have a positive impact on building users:  The natural light solution allows people to be more alert and productive.  Natural ventilation & cooling brings more fresh air into a building, reducing the potential for sick building syndrome (SBS) and helping improve concentration.  Our controls can let you know temperature, CO2 levels and provide input as to potential actions if required.


Our product range includes natural lighting, natural ventilation, natural cooling and hybrid ventilation products as well as heat pump water heaters, controls and Air-Precision grilles, diffusers, louvres and dampers. All our products are energy efficient and aim to reduce carbon emissions working with the environment in commercial and domestic applications (Sunpipe products only). Please choose the product group of your interest from the following dropdown menu.


We provide a variety of resources to find out more about our range of products. You can view or download all our literature including brochures, product cards, price lists and installation instructions. Please choose the product group of your interest from the following dropdown menu:


We have installed our products in a variety of buildings like schools, universities, colleges, supermarkets, sports centres, councils, hospitals, offices, residential buildings among others. We have a high skilled team of designers that can support your project and predict our products’ performance before installation according to your space specifications. Click on VIEW to see our featured projects and find more about how we contributed to create healthier and more sustainable indoor environments:



We can provide on-going service and maintenance of our installed products and this helps provide performance data for our customers and structured feedback that can assist product development, resulting in a system running at optimum performance and costs that are kept to a minimum.

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