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Monodraught have been selling natural lighting, ventilation and cooling products for over 40 years.We offer a ten year guarantee on our lighting products so you can confidently recommend this solution to your customers.

Our SUNPIPE online shop allows you to purchase our natural light and peripheral products from us directly.It is also possible to take orders over the phone and we offer a free design service.

Sunpipe: For rooms that don’t have any windows or are poorly lit

SUNPIPE is a Natural Lighting system that maximises the concept of renewable energy by channelling natural daylight from roofs to indoor environments. SUNPIPES create healthier, cost-effective and more productive environments. SUNPIPES are suited to almost any application and have been installed anywhere from residential buildings to the Olympic Handball Arena in London and Falcon Centre in Dubai. SUNPIPE are also designed for optimum efficiency and long working life, offering a 10 year guarantee.

SUNPIPE provides the highest sustained performance guaranteed and proven by the BRE Test done against leading competitor.

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Sunpipe LuxLoop: Low Energy Hybrid Lighting System

SUNPIPE LUXLOOP combines the SUNPIPE natural daylight system with an incredibly efficient and intelligent LED solution. Delivering the right light at the right time of the day: SUNPIPE directs healthy natural light from its patented Diamond Dome through the SUPER-SILVER® finish aluminium tube to the ceiling diffuser. In the evening or when the level of external light is insufficient to properly light the space, the system is complimented by its advanced LED by leading British manufacturer PhotonStar LEDTM, and intelligently managed by the HalcyonTM wireless control (optional).

The result is a complete and ultra-low energy lighting system, suitable for any location with guaranteed lighting performance.

The SUNPIPE LUXLOOP has already been shortlisted for several lighting awards including the LUX Awards, Energy Awards and FX Design Awards.

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We provide a variety of resources to find out more about our Sunpipe products. You can view or download all our literature including brochures, product cards, price lists and installation instructions. Please click on view to access our natural lighting literature.



We have installed our products in a variety of buildings like schools, universities, colleges, supermarkets, sports centres, councils, hospitals, offices, residential buildings among others. We have a high skilled team of designers that can support your project and predict our products’ performance before installation according to your space specifications. Click on VIEW to see our featured Sunpipe projects and find more about how we contributed to create brighter and healthier indoor environments:



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