HomeZERO is an innovative, robust, custom-designed outdoor energy services module for new build and retrofit Net Zero Energy (NZE) homes. Manufactured off-site, the module integrates Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) and Sunamp Phase Change Material (PCM) hot water heat battery store.

Low Carbon Homes
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Why choose HomeZero?

The UK has legislated to become “net zero” by 2050 which means a radical re-think about the way we heat our homes. The Government has committed to massively increasing the annual number of heat pumps fitted in our homes to 600,000 by 2028. Over 180 local councils have declared a climate emergency and intend to reach net zero before 2030. The ban of new diesel and petrol cars from 2035, is already driving the uptake of Electric Vehicles (EV). Urgent action is required to achieve these national goals.


Revised Building Regulations Part L for new build from June 2022 and further updates planned in 2025, will only address a small part of the housing challenge. Over 80% of the homes already built today will be in-use in 2050,  of which many are fitted with a combi boiler so lack the necessary indoor space to retrofit renewable heating.

Monodraught have developed HomeZero to assist Developers, Housing Providers and Contractors to reach Net Zero requirements. Providing a simple, single solution that can be quickly and easily fitted with minimal impact on the indoor amenity space of the home, HomeZERO brings all controls together, in a factory assembled energy module.

  • Unique heat pump / ventilation energy recovery feature
  • Low/natural energy ventilation with demand control – reducing energy consumption
  • Monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and humidity for high indoor air quality
  • Advanced integrated controls managing ASHP, ventilation, solar PV and battery storage
  • In-home touch screen display controls designed for vulnerable tenants
  • Self-learning room temperature control to improve comfort
  • Demand Side Response controls pre-heats the home and enables future access to lower tariffs
  • Smart 24hr remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and energy optimisation reduces call outs


  • Great space saving solution for small low energy homes
  • Net zero performance requirements readily achieved
  • Products are recognised in SAP


  • Easier and quicker to install and maintain
  • Single supplier for faster project coordination
  • Net zero performance requirements readily achieved

Housing Providers

  • Great for small properties with little available indoor space
  • Simplifies low carbon / net zero retrofit adaptation
  • Reduces site interventions and tenant disruption


  • Little impact on indoor storage areas
  • Minimal hassle and disruption during retrofit and maintenance
  • Easy to use system controls

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