Hybrid Ventilation

The HTM FS - C model has an inbuilt LTHW coil and condensation tray, allowing it to be connected to a heat pump to provide both heating and comfort cooling thus removing the requirement for additional radiators and cooling systems. It can be configured to remotely control an individual Air Source Heat Pump or as part of a larger full building heating system by utilising a modulating 24VDC actuated valve.

HTM systems provide natural ventilation, hybrid ventilation with mixed tempered air for winter periods, secure night-time cooling, and boosted levels of ventilation during summer. They systems are designed to work in conjunction with natural ventilation and can be used in single sided or cross flow ventilation strategies. The intelligent and fully automatic control system is supplied as standard and switches between operational modes depending on the season, external/internal temperature conditions and indoor air quality (IAQ). HTM systems have exceptionally low specific fan powers and feature a full data logging facility. The optional BACnet module allows key performance data to be outputted to a central BMS.