Providing fresh air ventilation, reducing buildings' energy costs and CO2 emissions

Monodraught’s MVHR systems are designed to supply tempered fresh air to any built space ensuring the correct oxygen levels are maintained whilst expelling stale air. By simultaneously recovering heating or cooling energy to temper incoming air, the systems are able to significantly reduce power consumption and associated building running costs.

Why choose Monodraught Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems?

The system is designed to automatically provide trickle ventilation, heat recovery ventilation and secure night time cooling.  It also boosts levels of ventilation during summer or during periods of high CO2.

The MVHR system can complement natural ventilation provided by being integrated with manual or automatic windows/louvres, either via a single sided or cross flow ventilation strategy. The system comprises an intelligent and fully automatic control system which switches between operational modes dependent on external/internal temperature conditions and indoor air quality (IAQ).

The MVHR system can be installed in a range of exposed or concealed locations, such as direct façade or ducted applications. 

The Benefits of Fresh Air

  • It is proven to give you more energy and a sharper mind leading to better concentration
  • It improves your mental wellbeing
  • It is good for your blood pressure and heart rate
  • It strengthens your immune system and cleans you lungs

On the other hand, poor indoor air quality can be attributed to many problems inside a building. Excess humidity causes dampness, rot and mould, whilst pollutants are known to be a major cause of damaging health issues such as asthma and eczema. Stale air is also believed to lead to a loss in productivity and low morale.


Monodraught MVHR can be installed in new buildings or retrofited to existing ones, from small modular areas to large open plan rooms. The system can be suspended below a ceiling (a floor to ceiling height of 2.6 m or greater is recommended), within a false ceiling void, or to an exposed void.

Each MVHR system includes CO2 monitoring as standard and can accurately control the level of fresh air within classrooms to provide the ideal teaching environment. The MVHR-100 meets the requirements of BB101 and Priority School Building Programme (PSBP).

Retailers are under increasing demand to slash their energy consumption. Due to its heat recovery capability, the MVHR provides a cost effective ventilation approach.

The MVHR system can operate on its own to provide fresh air ventilation and a comfortable indoor environment at a low running cost.

The MVHR system meets the requirements of clients who wish to have a fresh and comfortable environment with low energy and maintenance costs. With a wide range of system sizes and performance, the ideal system for any sized office can be selected.

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