Providing fresh air ventilation and reducing a buildings' energy costs and CO2 emissions,

Monodraught’s MVHR systems are designed to supply tempered fresh air to any indoor space.

Monodraught MVHR

Our MVHR provides trickle ventilation, heat recovery ventilation and secure night-time cooling (night purge).  It also boosts levels of ventilation during summer or during periods of high CO2 (summer bypass). The MVHR unit can complement natural ventilation provided by being integrated with manual or automatic windows/louvres, either via a single sided or cross flow ventilation strategy. The system comprises an intelligent and fully automatic control system which switches between operational modes dependant on external/internal temperature conditions and indoor air quality (IAQ). The MVHR system can be installed in a range of exposed or concealed locations, such as direct façade or ducted applications.

Options include

  • Controls: CO2, PIR, VOC, BACnet, modbus and BMS integration
  • Filters: M5, F7, F9 (G3 as standard)
  • LTHW heating 2KW-12KW
  • Pre-heater
  • Acoustic shrouds and fascias for below ceiling non-ducted applications
  • Attenuation pods
  • Colours
  • Weatherproof housings