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Construction Industry Council – ZCB Hong Kong

Construction Industry Council – ZCB Hong Kong

WINDCATCHER X-Air® and SUNPIPE® were installed on Hong Kong’s first zero carbon building (ZCB). Engineered by Arup©, ZCB is a signature project to showcase state-of-the-art eco-building design and technologies to the construction industry both internationally and locally.

To achieve carbon neutrality, an integrated approach was adopted, combining passive design measures with green active systems and on-site generation of renewable energy.

A series of passive strategies, including the cross-ventilated layout and a high-performance façade , were used to improve energy conservation and thus reduce energy consumption by 20%.

Apart from the advanced technologies, efforts were also made to minimise material use and embodied energy through efficient structural design and low carbon construction practices. Recycled materials and sustainable timber were used as much as possible during construction. Excavated soil during construction was used as fill in the urban native woodland to reduce waste.

Overall, the ZCB has been fitted out with more than 90 cutting-edge environmental features. This exemplar project has achieved BEAM Plus Platinum rating, the highest rating for excellence building environmental performance in Hong Kong, and was awarded the Grand Award (New Building) in the Green Building Awards 2012.

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