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Monodraught’s largest COOL-PHASE installation at Lambeth College

Monodraught’s largest COOL-PHASE installation at Lambeth College

Lambeth College, COOL-PHASE®, VENTSAIR® and SOLA-BOOST® X-Air

  • Sector: Education
  • Location: Lambeth, London
  • Date: Summer 2015
  • Contacts:
  • Products installed:
    • 38N° COOL-PHASE® Systems
    • 4N° SOLA-BOOST® X-Air Systems
    • 20N° 800x300 VENTSAIR® Systems
    • 8N° 800x600 VENTSAIR® Systems
    • 1N° iNVent Control System

Monodraught recently completed our largest ever COOL-PHASE® installation at Lambeth College in London.  38N° COOL-PHASE® systems and 28N° VENTSAIR® systems were installed in Classrooms and Teaching Spaces, and 4N° SOLA-BOOST® X-Air systems were installed in the Sports Hall. 

The £12 million pound Lambeth College development programme was opened by Chukka Umunna last summer, with students starting to use the building in the autumn term.  The building works comprised new facilities supporting curriculum areas in sport, travel and tourism, uniformed public services, health and early years as well as provision for adult skills, ESOL, English and Maths and LLDD.

Lambeth College has been investing in sustainable buildings and aiming to reduce carbon emissions since the sixth-form building was constructed back in 2009.  Monodraught are pleased to provide solutions which can help meet this criteria.

Andrew McCubbin, Managing Director of Monodraught said “We are delighted to have installed our largest ever Cool-Phase solution at Lambeth College.  We continue to see strong growth in our award-winning natural cooling products for the Education Sector.” 

COOL-PHASE® is a low-energy cooling and ventilation system that creates a thermally comfortable, fresh and healthy indoor environment by monitoring internal air quality and ensuring there is a supply of fresh air.  The COOL-PHASE® system is energy and carbon saving, it uses an energy efficient variable speed fan with no compressors, pumps or other energy intensive components.  A 5A single phase mains supply is all that is required.

SOLA-BOOST® X-Air is the latest generation of natural ventilation featuring our patented ActivLouvre modulating aerofoil technology and DC Solar powered fan.  Integrating with the WINDCATCHER® X-Air system, it will provide additional ventilation on sunny days whilst maintaining zero running costs.

Natural ventilation brings a steady supply of fresh air into the college, topping up the oxygen level, whilst at the same time expelling stale air to the atmosphere using the natural buoyancy of thermal forces.  Fan noise, often associated with mechanical systems or air conditioning, is eliminated, to the benefit of the students.  Natural ventilation is sustainable energy in action and harnesses wind power and the thermal rise of warm air in a controlled way.

Monodraught natural ventilation systems have proved to be consistently effective and reliable over many years.  The constant reporting and feedback to Monodraught’s dedicated R&D team enables our products to be improved in their manufacture, aesthetics and performance.

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