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SUNPIPE: Beacon Barracks Stafford - Autumn 2015

SUNPIPE: Beacon Barracks Stafford - Autumn 2015
  • Beacon Barracks MOD base
  • Sector: Government
  • Contractor: Jones & Woolman UK (Ltd) and Britannia Site Solutions
  • Location: Beacon Barracks, Stafford
  • Product installed: SUNPIPE
    • 17 x 450 mm Diamond Dome SUNPIPE
    • 3 x 750 mm Diamond Dome SUNPIPE
    • 5 x 530 mm Diamond Dome SUNPIPE

A major redevelopment of MoD Stafford has recently been completed. The work included six new living accommodation blocks for single soldiers and unaccompanied personnel, a Mess, operations room for the maintenance of Falcon armoured vehicles, workshops, offices and garages, as well as new leisure and retail, including a coffee shop and grocery shop.

For Monodraught specifically, SUNPIPES were installed on a pitched roof with a Kingspan composite roof panel. Steve Smith from Jones and Woolman, a specialist installer of weathering systems for all types of openings in roof and wall cladding, who installed the SUNPIPES at Beacon Barracks stated:

“Monodraught Sunpipes are easy to mount onto all roof types”.

The SUNPIPE natural daylight system directs sunlight into a room from roof level. The SUNPIPE collects daylight using a patented Diamond Dome, using a silverised PVD coated mirror-finished aluminium tube to transfer light to a room, with a ceiling diffuser evenly distributing the light around the room.

The benefits of SUNPIPES are:

  • Cost effective – energy costs can be saved as the need for electric lighting during daytime hours is minimised by as much as 75%.
  • Healthier – studies have shown that people work better under a natural daylight environment and natural daylight is known to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
  • Sustainable energy in action – not only can SUNPIPE reduce energy usage it also leads to a considerable reduction in CO² emissions.

The practical benefits of the product are that they easily fits between joists and rafters, no maintenance is required and top domes are self-cleaning due to their shape, eliminating condensation problems. Low maintenance is also a great driver for the building owner.

 Want to know more? Visit http://www.staffordshirenewsletter.co.uk/MoD-unveiled-150m-redevelopment-Beaconside/story-27847041-detail/story.html

Find out how Monodraught systems can help you achieve healthier, cost-effective and more productive environments:  info@monodraught.com, 01494 897 700.

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