• Project: Hessle High School
  • Sector: Education
  • Architects: DLA Design
  • Contractor: Galliford Try Building Ltd
  • Location: Hull, Yorkshire

Products installed

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67 No. HTM Hybrid Ventilation Systems

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15 No. Windcatcher X-Air Natural Ventilation Systems

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157 No. Window and Wall Louvres

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iNVent Control Panels

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Monodraught were specified as the hybrid and natural ventilation solution for Hessle High School in 2015.  The flagship school for the PSBP scheme, and one of the first to be built, is the £18.6 million Hessle High School and Sixth Form College in East Yorkshire.

The school, designed by DLA Architecture Ltd and constructed by Galliford Try, created a combined, fit-for-purpose school that operates from just one site, with new science labs, ICT and teaching areas and sports facilities.

Monodraught’s HTM systems were installed throughout the school in classrooms, halls and corridors.  This was complemented by natural ventilation in the form of Monodraught’s Windcatcher systems in larger spaces such as the sports, drama, main halls and the dining rooms.  Two of these units were further enhanced with our solar powered LED architectural lighting system.  This can provide a striking view of the school in the night sky.

Performance of HTM systems Jan 2016-August 2017

The systems have been in place for some time now and we have been able to glean some useful data for the optimum running of the school.

Nick Hopper, Technical Director at Monodraught said “Monodraught are unique in providing a cradle-to-grave service.  We take a solution from design through to installation, service and maintenance.  We were delighted to work with our partners to monitor the systems as Hessle High School for a 12 month period.  In this way we can validate our performance commitments to the school and our contractors and also provide a feedback loop for product improvements.”

Average temperatures have been maintained at between 19-23°C during occupied hours, maintaining ideal thermal comfort for staff and students. Total power consumption has been measured at approximately £7.49 per unit.  Average air quality has been measured at 776 ppm which is well within the BB101 guideline of an average of less than 1,000 ppm.

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