The National CSR Awards celebrate business excellence and innovation in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability across a broad range of disciplines.  This includes Carbon Impact, Community Development, Staff Welfare, Energy, Education and Leadership.

The ceremony took place at Lords Cricket Ground on the 18th May and our guests enjoyed a tour of the grounds first and of course, vital pictures in front of the Ashes. 

Andrew McCubbin, Managing Director for Monodraught said “We are delighted to receive this prestigious award. We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is vital for every business to succeed and live its values.  The wide range of businesses named as Finalists in the National CSR Awards is testament to the way the business community in the UK is recognising the importance of CSR.  For Monodraught, receiving a “One to Watch” Award for our innovative Cool-phase Hybrid solution is great acknowledgment of the impact we can have on sustainability in the education sector and beyond.”

The awards judging panel devised an additional category this year called Ones to Watch. This was to acknowledge entries that may not have slotted completely into a particular category but excelled in other areas and as such were deemed worthy of recognition.  Monodraught were delighted to be named as “One to Watch” in the Clean and Green category for our Cool-phase Hybrid solution.    

Cool-phase Hybrid

Cool-phase is a unique, innovative low energy system that provides intelligent control of ventilation & cooling. Monodraught use Phase Change Materials (PCM) to store and release thermal energy, providing a free cooling load and an extremely low running and maintenance cost.

Cool-phase Hybrid is a further enhancement that links high efficiency heat pumps with our natural cooling system. Cool-phase Hybrid guarantees night time charge of the thermal batteries during peak summer periods and top up cooling during the day. This integration of low energy cooling technologies reduces the buildings carbon footprint and maintains tight set point control.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our whole ethos is based around sustainability, indeed, our vision is to provide high quality, low maintenance solutions that can drive down building energy costs and reduce their carbon emissions. However, 2016 was our first year of formalising our CSR policy and communicating it externally. We were delighted to find ourselves alongside companies in our own sector including Wilmott Dixon, Land Securities and Verto Homes as well as major brands from other industries such as M&S and Belu Water who are already well-established in the world of sustainability.

For the full list of winners, and to read about the programmes supported, visit the National CSR Awards website.  Congratulations to all the winners in 2017!


*Photo by Steve Walker

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