Cool-phase Solves Problems
Why choose Natural Cooling?

This innovative low-energy ventilation and cooling system uses Phase Change Material (PCM) as a thermal energy store. Combined with an intelligently controlled mini air handling unit, Cool-phase creates a comfortable, fresh and healthy indoor environment with extremely low running costs. It uses up to 90% less energy than equivalent conventional cooling systems, making it one of the most sustainable cooling product solutions available today. Cool-phase does not use refrigerants and has no compressors making it environmentally friendly both in its manufacture and operation.


Our product range also includes Cool-Phase Hybrid which provides fixed set-point temperature control for more extreme climates or premium applications using energy efficient heat pumps.

Cool-phase is the perfect solution for new or refurbished buildings that require both ventilation and cooling, such as educational buildings and offices. It can be considered for various applications including:


  • School classrooms, IT suites
  • Education lecture halls, libraries
  • Day centres and healthcare areas
  • Civic centres, offices and commercial buildings

Traditionally, separate ventilation and cooling systems are controlled independently, which often leads to conflicting operation, poor system efficiencies, high running costs and an uncomfortable indoor environment. Cool-phase inherently avoids these issues by combining both ventilation and the unique PCM cooling technology into a single sustainable product.


Cool-phase Hybrid is designed for applications where the urban heat island effect creates high summer night-time temperatures, as it provides additional capacity to re-charge the PCM thermal batteries. This makes it ideal where ventilation and cooling within a tight set of tolerances are required to cope with extreme summer night-time conditions and winter conditions providing peace of mind.


  • Contributes towards sustainability targets
  • Enhances your energy and carbon saving credentials
  • No outdoor units
  • Easy to model performance

Building Owners

  • Contributes towards sustainability and carbon reduction targets
  • Low running costs
  • Fast payback
  • Simple maintenance


  • Enhances your energy and carbon saving credentials
  • Easy preparation
  • Easy coordination
  • Track performance


  • Healthy and productive environment
  • No cold draughts
  • Quiet and no noise disruption
  • Easy to use

I am very excited by this technology and the opportunity to improve student comfort without increasing the energy burden to Anglia Ruskin.

Andy Lefley

Assistant Director of Building Services, Estates & Facilities-Anglia Ruskin University

Natural ventilation was a key consideration for the sustainability of the building. Monodraught was the preferred candidate, meeting our brief in terms of cost & sustainability.

Rob Westbrook

Ayshford Sansome Associate - Prospects College

The Cool-phase system that we have in the ICT Suite manages the temperature of the room very well and whilst you may lose an element of control that you get with Air-Conditioning, you are reducing the energy consumption that you are using to cool the space. We also had some Windcatcher systems installed in the Main Hall which is very useful when the Hall is packed up over a period of time. It makes a big difference in terms of the levels of CO2 and the quality of the air.

Matt Peplow

Business & Operation Manager at Alderman Knight School

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