HVR Zero sets a new benchmark for the future generation of low energy hybrid ventilation systems that integrate heat exchange ventilation strategies. It provides natural ventilation, hybrid mixing ventilation and low energy mechanical heat recovery ventilation in one compact unit.

HVR Zero Solves Problems
Why Choose HVR Zero?

On the journey to zero net carbon by 2050, embodied carbon is an increasingly important consideration as it can contribute up to 60% of the total lifetime carbon usage.


Our aim when designing HVR Zero was to ensure the product would have zero embodied carbon, have exceptionally low running costs and provide very high indoor air quality. We are pleased to have achieved all of these aims and support the move towards zero carbon buildings.

Hybrid ventilation with heat recovery is the perfect solution for new or refurbished buildings that require the benefits of low carbon natural ventilation with the additional capacity of boost ventilation at peak times and heat recovery during wintertime. Typical applications include:


  • School classrooms, science rooms, IT suites
  • Offices and commercial buildings
  • Education lecture halls, libraries
  • Healthcare centres
  • Amenity centres

HVR Zero is the first hybrid heat recovery system of its kind with zero embodied carbon, which is achieved by careful material selection and through a carbon offset programme.


Materials have been selected to minimise embodied CO2 values, and to ensure they are fully recyclable at end of life thereby supporting the circular economy and minimising waste.


  • Zero embodied carbon
  • Careful material selection
  • Ease to model performance
  • Designed for mass manufacture

Building Owners

  • Low running costs
  • Excellent product performance
  • Remote data monitoring
  • Assured product quality


  • Best in class solution
  • High quality, cost competitive solution
  • Robust yet lightweight
  • High user comfort

Occupants / Tenants

  • Comfortable environment
  • Quiet and no noise disruption
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic mode operation

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