By 2020 local authorities are projecting there will be an extra 366,000 primary school pupils and an extra 362,000 secondary school pupils.  To accommodate this there is a focus on an accelerated school building programme.  Cost-efficiency remains a priority and the construction industry continues to look at innovative ways of satisfying sustainability requirements within these parameters.

Ventilation is a critical element of new school design and existing school re-design. There is a particular focus and regulatory imperative to ensure that education spaces provide well ventilated space for staff and students.  This is to ensure that air quality within the classroom is optimal for staff and students and allows them to keep their concentration levels and focus. There is also a requirement to remove stale air as this can impact learning by causing an increase in allergies such as asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Appropriate planning needs to be carried out in advance of implementation with building simulation tools such as IES playing an important role.  This simulation allows planners to consider the size of the room and occupancy rates.  A suitable control strategy is also a consideration with a variety of potential users operating the system, from building and facility managers through to teachers and students themselves.

Hybrid ventilation can support the requirement to build schools and classrooms with a modular or standardised approach which may be necessary with the requirement for significant expansion in a cost-effective manner.  It is suitable for schools that are looking for a cost-effective ventilation solution that fulfils building regulation requirements.  This is provided in a way that is still sustainable and good for the environment yet able to support learners with a fresh environment.

With appropriate CFD modelling, the system can work well throughout the year.  During the winter months it can continue to maintain good CO2 levels without reducing the temperature.  Using the latest controls available, the building manager can ensure that the system is operating as it should and end-users can be given guidance as to the correct action to take for optimum performance.

Our latest CPD module 104 “Hybrid Ventilation for Schools” with CIBSE looks into this topic in more depth.  To read and complete the module please visit the CIBSE Journal.  To find out more about our hybrid ventilation solution, please contact our sales team, you can also find out more on our product pages.

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