Including NEW CPD; BB101 Guidelines on ventilation & indoor air quality in schools

Monodraught are delighted to have had three CPDs accredited by CIBSE.  Two CPDs are based on previous accredited sessions and we also have created a brand NEW CPD around the latest update to the BB101 regulations.  These can now be found in the CPD directory. All presentations include practical examples of the relevant applications in use.

Our newest CPD considers the design standard BB101 for Schools.  Poor indoor air quality can have a serious impact on learning, with issues around concentration, lethargy and headaches.  The presentation talks through some of the latest developments and innovations in natural, mechanical and hybrid ventilation.

We focus specifically on ventilation and indoor air quality.  The CPD runs through the 2018 changes and explains the differences between natural, hybrid and mechanical ventilation systems.  We then look at the role of building simulation to assess design performance.

Other CIBSE accredited CPD topics

Natural and Hybrid Ventilation for the Education Sector

This CPD covers the benefits of natural and hybrid ventilation to achieve high indoor air quality in schools. The session outlines ventilation strategies and systems that reliably meet requirements for thermal comfort and energy efficiency. Our course will showcase building simulation tools and present specific examples where natural ventilation and hybrid ventilation contributed to create healthier classrooms.

Natural cooling and ventilation for improved building sustainability and healthier occupants

Monodraught’s CIBSE accredited CPD explores the use of phase-change materials in ventilation systems.  We run through some of the legislation that has been put in place to help combat climate change. The session then illustrates how PCMs can be used to reduce a building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint. PCM-based natural cooling and ventilation can be beneficial through reducing energy consumption while supplying ventilation air for a building.  Specific practical examples are included with data to demonstrate system performance.

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