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The March 2018 issue of the CIBSE journal features a CPD sponsored by Monodraught.  It continues our series of CPDs which provide a more in-depth look at trends in building performance and thermal comfort.

The module looks how the PCM-air heat exchanger should typically work in office applications and how future designs can be improved using computational fluid dynamics.

Low energy Hybrid cooling

Non-domestic buildings produce nearly 20% of the UK’s carbon emissions. We believe that our technology can make at least a 20% reduction towards minimising these emissions while providing a perfect environment for occupants. 

Our award-winning natural cooling and low energy ventilation product COOL-PHASE is a unique low energy system that provides intelligent control of ventilation through night cooling, direct cooling and active cooling.  Monodraught use phase change materials (PCM) to store and release thermal energy and therefore provide a free cooling load ensuring an extremely low running and maintenance cost.

Cool-phase system installed in open-plan office

In the CPD, researchers at Brunel University looked at how a PCM- based system can be used in an office environment to keep an office cool during summer months.  In this application, designs are often based around thermal comfort, there are many factors that can affect this such as external temperatures, draughts, and occupant temperature preferences.  The researchers installed a Monodraught system in an open plan office and monitored temperatures over the summer period.  Apart from two occasions, the system operated within the thermal comfort guidelines of TM52.  These can be further detailed in the CPD itself.

Using CFD to demonstrate how to achieve higher product efficiency

By working with CFD programmes, the researcher was then able to look at ways of improving the heat transfer rate by changing the size or shape of the PCM panels.  The analysis identified a shape where a highest practicable heat transfer is achieved for most airflows – approximately double the heat transfer when compared with the existing panel.

CIBSE accredited CPD face-to-face sessions

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Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about how Monodraught use a PCM based system to provide award winning natural and hybrid cooling solutions like Cool-phase, then please book a face to face CPD session with one of our Technical Consultants.

*Our thanks go to Thiago Santos and Professor Maria Kolokotroni, both from Brunel University, London who carried out the research.

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