Colin Haworth , Sales Director for Monodraught, will be presenting a CPD module at the CIBSE Building Performance Conference.  His presentation takes place at 9.20am in Theatre 1 on the 17th November 2016 at the QE2 Centre, Westminster.  Colin has spent his career in companies that manufacture, supply and install product solutions into the built environment, both in the UK and USA.  The title of the CPD is “Natural cooling and ventilation for improved building sustainability and healthier occupants”.  It will focus on much of the online CPD published in the June edition of the CIBSE journal.

To provide some context, building users are requesting increasing levels of control over their environment.  They want to be able to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the year.  Building regulations stipulate a requirement to improve air quality for a healthier building and in the case of education particularly, improved concentration levels.  Recent press has focused on the importance of air quality for student’s concentration and a more natural approach can significantly help with this.

We will consider how natural cooling utilising Phase Change Materials (PCMs) can be used effectively to improve the health of building occupants.  They can also dramatically improve a building’s sustainability credentials. This is particularly relevant in the UK and Northern Europe where temperatures rarely reach high levels and invariably have cool night time temperatures.  Monodraught believes that the climate here in the UK and Northern Europe can be harnessed to create a more natural ambiance within the built environment. 

The wider conference is packed with great speakers and topics from organisations including BIM, BRE, Cundall, Hoare Lee, Marks and Spencer and of course, CIBSE.

Monodraught will also have a stand at the exhibition on both 17th & 18th November.  Come along and discuss your project requirements with our expert Consultants and get a deeper understanding of the recent developments in Natural cooling, ventilation and lighting.  It will also be possible to experience our innovative virtual reality demonstration of our hybrid lighting solution the SUNPIPE Luxloop.  We look forward to seeing you there.

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