11th May 2016

Our new Smart Screen Controller is now available for our natural and hybrid ventilation solutions.  The Smart Screen Controller is a high quality interface that provides a graphical insight into the operation of Monodraught ventilation systems.  Through the capacitive touchscreen interface, a user can explore how the systems work, adjust settings, and find out information on the system in order to maintain a comfortable environment with minimal energy use.

> Video: Smart Screen Controller

• 4.3 inch capacitive touch LCD display
• Room temperature and air quality (CO2) indication
• Fan speed
• Manual window open/close indicator
• Diagnostic screen

There are three main pages which can be easily navigated through:

• Home - shows the current mode and season
• Settings - allows the user to control the fan speed as well as the amount the dampers are opened by
• Information - display details about the various operating modes and how they work

If the screen is idle for more than 2 minutes it will revert to sleep mode.  This will display the screensaver and information ribbon until interrupted by the user.

The Information ribbon is displayed on every page ensuring all relevant information is always available. The CO2 in particular is displayed via a traffic light control system.

• Green indicates CO2 <1,000 ppm
• Orange indicates CO2 level between 1,000 ppm and 1,200 ppm
• Red indicates CO2 >1,200 ppm

By introducing this unique new controller to the hybrid ventilation market, end-users can use the full benefits of the ventilation system that has been installed and learn more about how they are ventilating their building or room and how to use the controls.  The low 24V DC power usage continues to keep the carbon footprint for our products extremely low. 

Research and Development is an integral part of our business and continues to enable us to lead the way in engineering sustainable low-energy products that help our customers live and work in a healthier more natural environment.  

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