6th April 2017

IES and Monodraught have announced the release of new performance components, now available in the IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) software suite, for Monodraught’s Hybrid Thermal Mixing (HTM®) ventilation system. IES and Monodraught have collaborated previously to develop several Performance Components. The new components sits within the IESVE ApacheHVAC Application.

The IESVE for Engineers suite features a library of predefined 3D component representations of Monodraught systems that can be dragged easily from a catalogue of products onto a building model constructed within the IESVE. The performance and energy savings can then be assessed in an open and transparent process by the client alone, thus building confidence in the application of Natural Ventilation and Cooling systems and demonstrating the true capabilities and potential for this type of scheme.

The analysis tools that are available in the IESVE provide the user with a visual insight into the performance of the HTM & HTM FS systems year round, and the authentic textures offer architects and designers a means of understanding the aesthetics of Monodraught systems and how best to integrate them into a building.

“We are pleased to continue our relationship with IES to include one of our newest product innovations as a performance component.  Design experts can now be sure that they will be able to design a hybrid ventilation solution knowing that they are using the correct performance statistics and components.  This is sure to speed up the design process, whilst our team of design engineers are always on hand for any queries or support” said Nick Hopper, Technical Director for Monodraught.

Craig Wheatley, Technical Director at IES added, “By continuing to develop our VE component library with Monodraught we are pleased to be able to offer building designers more accurate information for their designs, in turn leading to more sustainable and better performing buildings which is our mission at IES.”

To find out more about the new Monodraught components within IESVE, please contact us for more information.  Following our webinar on the 11th April we have made two videos available, a recording of the full webinar and a ten minute overview.


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