11th October 2018

Monodraught supports DIY SOS again

Monodraught are honoured to have been able to support a second DIY SOS project, this time for the recent Grenfell special which involved building a new Boxing club and Community Centre for residents affected by the tragic fire of June 2017.

The two part programme saw the team construct the new community centre and gym on a site under the A40 Westway.  Our design and installation team worked in partnership with consultants from Hoare Lea, who were part of the design team lead by architects Featherstone Young.

Fine filters fitted on hybrid ventilation systems

In total 6 N° Hybrid Thermal Mixing (HTM) systems were installed onsite in the Community Centre, providing hybrid ventilation in the form of fresh air both in the café and in several meeting rooms.  Due to the location of the centre in such proximity to the busy London road, the systems were fitted with extra fine filters to ensure a good level of Internal Air Quality (IAQ) was assured.

Our hybrid systems are designed to provide natural ventilation, hybrid ventilation, secure night time cooling and boosted levels of ventilation during summer.  The system provides high levels of acoustic attenuation due to its composite panels and low noise fan. The HTM system works in conjunction with natural ventilation provided by manual or automatic windows/louvres, meaning that it is a low energy system which can help reduce carbon consumption.

Corporate Citizenship: Identify ways to give back our local community

Monodraught has always taken its CSR policy as an active approach and we were delighted to be able support this cause.  As we are based only 30 minutes outside West London and work in the construction industry the Grenfell disaster felt very close to home.  We appreciated the opportunity to work with businesses from across the construction industry to ensure that the project was completed to a high standard. 

Senior Technical Consultant, Scott Paton said “This project felt just like any other, until I arrived for the grand opening. It was at this point that I realised I was part of something very different. It showed me the power of the construction industry; when we pull together, we can achieve great results. I was very proud to have helped deliver the project, but more importantly, give something back to the Grenfell community.” 

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