High performance, low carbon ventilation

Following the release of the Facilities Output Specification for the Priority Schools Building Programme, we have utilised our extensive knowledge, product testing, and building simulation skills to develop low energy ventilation systems which meet the Facilities Output Specification requirements in a cost efficient manner.

Why choose Hybrid Thermal Mixing?

Our hybrid ventilation system is designed to provide natural ventilation, hybrid ventilation, secure night time cooling and boosted levels of ventilation during summer. The HTM FS systems are designed to be installed above a suspended ceiling or within a ceiling raft and to work in conjunction with natural ventilation provided by manual or automatic windows.

HTM FS is constructed from composite panels providing high levels of acoustic attenuation and along with its low noise fan it meets BB93 and priority school building programme (PSBP) facility output specification requirements.

Ideal Environment:

  • The HTM is able to provide the ideal environment to school classrooms/ areas.
  • The HTM system is designed to provide mixed tempered air during winter, boosted levels of ventilation during summer and secure night time cooling.
  • The HTM system works in conjunction with natural ventilation provided by manual or automatic windows/louvres.
  • The HTM system can be used in single sided or cross flow ventilation strategies.

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Providing Exceptionally Low Power Consumption

The HTM system has an exceptionally low specific fan power.

  • The HTM system comprises an intelligent and fully automatic control system coupled with a low energy ventilation system which switches between operational modes dependant on season, external/ internal temperature conditions and indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • The HTM control system is supplied as standard with full data logging facility, temperature and CO2 controls. With an optional BACnet module, each unit has the ability to output key performance data to a central BMS.

Hybrid Ventilation Resources

We provide you with a variety of resources to find out more about our Hybrid Ventilation offering. You can download all our Hybrid Ventilation literature including brochures, product cards and end user guides. Hybrid Ventilation images, renders and videos are also available from our gallery. Please choose the resource that most suits your needs from the following dropdown menu:

Hybrid Ventilation CPD Seminars

We want to help architects, consultants and contractors to improve, maintain and broaden their knowledge about hybrid ventilation by offering industry relevant CPD Seminars as well as participating in the CIBSE Continuing Professional Development Programme. Click on “Find out more” to see what Hybrid Ventilation CPDs are currently available.

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