SOLA-BOOST X-AIR: Featuring the patented ActivLouvre and DC solar powered fan

The SOLA-BOOST X-AIR® is the latest generation of Natural Ventilation system featuring the patented ActivLouvre modulating aerofoil louvre technology and DC solar powered fan controlled by Monodraught’s PowerTrack system. Integrated with the existing Monodraught WINDCATCHER X-AIR system, it provides additional ventilation on sunny days whilst maintaining zero running costs. Monodraught have significantly improved the potential of WINDCATCHER X-AIR systems by the addition of a solar driven internal fan that brings in additional fresh air up to 200 l/s. Conversely, the fan operation can be set up to extract stale air; all this without any energy cost.

Natural Ventilation Brochure

How does a SOLA-BOOST X-AIR work?

The system consists of an external static louvre and internal active louvre arrangement, which varies the opening and free area through the louvre face. The variable louvres can provide maximum ventilation rates when fully open or modulated to increase louvre pressure or closed to prevent the ingress of precipitation. A fan served by a central core provides intake or extract air (intake as standard), powered by solar panels situated within the system capping. The fan is designed to provide the additional ventilation when it is needed most, during summer, but with zero running cost. In addition to the ActivLouvre arrangement, the system also incorporates external air catchment fins to provide greater area at the louvre, improving performance in relation to wind speed. Pressure release vanes at the fins provide a means to reduce face pressure under high winds. The system can also be specified to include solar powered architectural lighting.

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