Natural Ventilation

The Ventsair Facade Ventilation System (VAF) is a high specification louvre system designed for commercial applications. The system has been used extensively in education facilities, health facilities as well as retail schemes to provide controlled fresh air during the day and secure night-time cooling via cross flow and stack ventilation principles. It comprises of an external aluminium louvre, a high specification volume control damper and an internal grille. The system can be specified to suit glazed frames or fitted with a flange to suit wall openings.

The Ventsair Roof Mounted Terminals is a simple intake / exhaust system. Similar in appearance to the Windcatcher Classic system, the internal configuration is different and allows for dedicated intake / exhaust requirements. The systems are often used in areas of low occupancy including plant or server rooms, as well as areas which employ a cross ventilation strategy. The terminal is usually located at the far end of the room to draw the air through the room and allow warm stale air to be exhausted via the passive stack method.

The Ventsair Acoustic Air Transfer System (ATS) is a patented, internal wall mounted, sound attenuating, air transfer system. It has been designed to promote cross flow Natural Ventilation within rooms to reduce heat build-up and provide fresh air to occupants. The system is also available with: Intumescent fire dampers and GR volume control dampers. It has been designed to maximise air flow and minimise sound transfer and to meet both BB93 and BB101 requirements.