Award winning, innovative natural cooling system

Our award-winning natural cooling and low energy ventilation product COOL-PHASE is a unique low energy system that provides intelligent control of ventilation through night cooling, direct cooling and active cooling. Monodraught use phase change materials (PCM) to store and release thermal energy and therefore provide a free cooling load ensuring an extremely low running and maintenance cost.

Why choose Natural Cooling?

Non-domestic buildings produce nearly 20% of the UK’s carbon emissions. We believe that our technology can make at least a 20% reduction towards minimising these emissions while providing a perfect environment for occupants. Cool-phase has low running and maintenance costs that combined with a long life provide an impressive payback on the capital cost of the system.

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Smart Cooling and Phase Change Materials

We have pioneered the use of active PCM thermal stores and the role they can play in low energy thermal regulation for buildings across Europe. Research within Monodraught on ‘Phase-Change Material (PCM) Thermal Stores’ began ten years ago and has been supported by a number of institutes: University of Nottingham, The Carbon Trust and University College London. Cool-phase system creates a healthy and productive environment by monitoring internal air quality and ensuring there is a supply of fresh air.  It does not use the harmful coolants often found in conventional cooling approaches.

With a design life in excess of 20 years and a warranty of 5 years, the system provides customers with the reassurance that they have a long term solution to their cooling and ventilation needs.

Natural Cooling Resources

We provide you with a variety of resources to find out more about our Natural Cooling offering. You can download all our natural cooling literature including brochures, product cards and end user guides. Natural cooling images, renders and videos are also available from our gallery. Please choose the resource that most suits your needs from the following dropdown menu:

Natural Cooling CPD Seminars

We want to help architects, consultants and contractors to improve, maintain and broaden their knowledge about natural cooling by offering industry relevant CPD Seminars as well as participating in the CIBSE Continuing Professional Development Programme. Click on “Find out more” to see what Natural Cooling CPDs are currently available.

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