Delivering healthy natural light inside

Natural Daylight allows healthier indoor environments, more productive and happier occupants and reduces carbon emissions.

Why choose Natural Lighting?

There are many great reasons to choose natural lighting!

  • It is cost effective – energy costs can be saved as the need for electric lighting can be reduced by as much as 75%. 
  • It is healthier – Studies have shown that people work better in a naturally lit environment and it has been shown to alleviate some of the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Exposure to natural daylight is believed to have the following benefits by boosting the production of vitamins and hormones: maintains the Circadian Rhythm, reduces depression, alleviates pain and improves sleep pattern and mood.
  • It is sustainable energy in action, not only can SUNPIPE reduce energy it also leads to a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions.

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Natural Lighting Applications

  • Healthcare: Nurses commonly mention that fluorescent lighting on wards is tiring, so natural lighting can have a positive effect on both staff and patients.
  • Education: Natural lighting is proven to increase achievement rates, reduce fatigue, improve health and attendance and enhance general development.
  • Retail: Tests have been carried out in stores which are lit mainly by natural means. The key finding of this study was that natural daylight was found to significantly correlate to higher sales. An Average non-daylit retail chain store monitored for this study had 40% higher sales with the addition of natural lighting.
  • Offices: Productivity in offices served by natural lighting shows 20% increase in output from offices employees along with reduced absences because of sickness. It is considered that natural lighting systems have a marked effect on the reduction of the incidence of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and provide a stress-free, soothing and far healthier ambience by eliminating the glare and conflict of electric lighting and computer screens.

Natural Lighting Resources

We provide you with a variety of resources to find out more about our Natural Lighting offering. You can download all our natural lighting literature including brochures, product cards, price lists and installation instructions. Natural lighting images, renders and videos are also available from our gallery. We encourage you to try our virtual reality tours for natural lighting to understand better how our systems are installed in commercial and residential spaces. Please choose the resource that most suits your needs from the following dropdown menu:

Natural Lighting CPD Seminars

We want to help architects, consultants and contractors to improve, maintain and broaden their knowledge about natural lighting by offering industry relevant CPD Seminars as well as participating in the CIBSE Continuing Professional Development Programme. Click on “Find out more” to see what Natural Lighting CPDs are currently available.

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Sunpipe Shop

Welcome to our mobile-friendly online Sunpipe shop, here you can purchase all the kit you and your builder need to install a Sunpipe in your property.  By ordering online you will also be able to take advantage of our special online discount. The online shop will guide you through the ordering process, however should you have questions about any aspect of your purchase, please feel free to call or email us.  By placing an order before noon it is also possible to request next day delivery.

Sunpipe solutions are designed and manufactured in the UK and come with a 10 year product guarantee.  We are UK market leaders and original Sunpipe designers since 1974.  Independent tests from BRE demonstrate the highest sustained reflectance and transmittance compared to competitor solutions. 

Sunpipe tubes are manufactured from PVD coated aluminium meaning they won't deteriorate over time.

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