Natural Ventilation
Windcatcher X-Air

The Monodraught Windcatcher X-Air is the latest generation of natural ventilation that follows in the footsteps of the successful Windcatcher Classic systems that have proved to be so popular. With over 5,300 systems successfully installed, the Windcatcher X-Air is backed-up by our 10-year no leak guarantee*.

Monodraught’s patented Activlouvre® modulating aerofoil louvre technology combines a static external louvre and a modulating internal louvre. They work together to vary the opening and free area. Maximum ventilation rates are achieved when the louvres are fully open. Weather resistance is increased when they are partially modulated. Alternatively, they can be closed to prevent the ingress of precipitation. External air catchment fins provide greater area at the louvre which improves performance in relation to wind speed. Pressure release vanes at the fins reduce face pressure during high winds.

How does it work?

It doesn’t matter which way the wind blows, the louvres always encapsulate the prevailing wind. The internal dividers split the system into four quadrants and turn the air movement down through 90 degrees. Stack effect is achieved as a result of the difference between the air temperature inside and outside of a building - and the subsequent imbalance effect on air density and pressure gradient of the internal and external air masses results in the warm air rising up through the quadrants, dispersing to the atmosphere.


These weather resistant double-step louvre profile provides 25% more ventilation than a classic louvre profile. The modulating aerofoil louvre combines a static external louvre and a modulating internal louvre which varies the opening and free area. Provides maximum ventilation rates when fully open, increasing weather resistance when partially modulated and closes to prevent the ingress of precipitation.

Key Features

  • Natural ventilation mode
  • Activlouvres
  • Swept dividers
  • Composite upstand
  • Recyclable
  • Square shape
  • Four sizes
  • Weight 110 – 215 kgs
  • Colour Grey (RAL7037 & RAL7038)
  • Max roof pitch 35 degrees
  • 10-year guarantee

Control options

  • Automatic: Controls by temperature or CO2 sensors. Provided as standard.
  • Semi-Automatic: as automatic. Push button override allows end users to control damper openings.
  • Manual: Allows the user to operate the dampers manually by a lever at diffuser level.