WINDCATCHER X-AIR: No leak guaranteed

The Monodraught WINDCATCHER X-AIR is the latest generation of Natural Ventilation that follows in the footsteps of the successful WINDCATCHER Classic systems that have proved to be so popular and offers a 10 years no leak guarantee.

Natural Ventilation Brochure

How does a WINDCATCHER X-AIR work?

The main advantage Monodraught systems have over other forms of Natural Ventilation is that it doesn’t matter which way the wind blows, the louvres on one side will always encapsulate the prevailing wind and turn that air movement down through 90°. Stack effect is achieved as a result of the difference between the air temperature inside and outside of a building - and the subsequent imbalance effect on air density and pressure gradient of the internal and external air masses, results in the warm air rising up through the quadrants, dispersing to the atmosphere.

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