Natural Ventilation
Windcatcher Classic

The original, sustainable natural ventilation system is a simple and effective design that provides fresh air during the day as well as night-time cooling. It combines the benefits of both top-down and passive stack ventilation with very low electrical consumption by means of very low energy motorised volume control dampers.

The prevailing wind is encapsulated and turned down through 90°. Fresh air is brought into the room and stale air is expelled using the natural energy of buoyancy and stack effect common to all-natural ventilation systems.

Available in a wide range of standard square sizes, as well as bespoke shapes to suit any project.

When enhanced with Monodraught’s iNVent 2 control system and managed by our proven control strategy, it achieves temperature and CO2 demand-controlled ventilation. External louvres are protected internally by Trilayer® Weather Protection.